How We Got Started

In this fast-paced world it’s hard to always make the right decisions about food. It is easy to pick up something quick and most likely not that good for you. Working out is only part of the solution to living a healthy lifestyle. Making the right choices about the food you eat is the other part. In fact it is the biggest part! You make the decision to go to the gym however many days out of the week. But you make the choice on what to eat multiple times a day, 365 days a year.

We thought -- wouldn't it be great if there was a way to get tasty, healthy food just as easily as it is to make the bad decision of picking up something quick? That's when we decided to start Green Spoon - a meal prep service that wasn't just brown rice and chicken with steamed veggies, but a meal prep company that made eating healthy food fun and easy. So easy it comes right to you in individually-packed meals that are ready to go.

 Why Green Spoon?

We do our best to stay local and use organic products whenever we can. Our menu changes weekly, so that you never get bored. And meals are delivered right to you or if you feel so inclined, you can pick them up from us. You don’t have to be a chef to use us. And not having enough time won't be an excuse any more. If you can use a microwave and enjoy good food, then Green Spoon is for you.

You don’t have the time to cook?

When you use Green Spoon, you don’t have to find time to cook or clean up the mess after. Not to mention no more taking the time to plan a menu, make a grocery list and do all that shopping. 

No more bad choices or wondering what to eat

 With Green Spoon no more wondering what to eat -- it's all ready for you. You will make fewer bad decisions when it is so easy. All you have to do is open your fridge and heat up a Green Spoon meal. It really is that EASY! And with Green Spoon’s individually-packed meals, it's easy to take them to work with you too.

How it Works

Order from our custom menu of the week
Select from our delivery or pick-up options
Reheat and enjoy your meals!


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