About Us

At GSK- we are all about creating that feeling you get when you’re surrounded by friends and family sharing a meal; that buzz that fills the atmosphere. The moment where you wish you could freeze time and live there. We love to create these experiences and share in others happiness. To us, the food should be as memorable as the rest of the event and we pride ourselves on outstanding service at every opportunity. We pride ourself on making the whole experience enjoyable from the creation to the event itself.

We create food that is elevated yet approachable, cooking with the seasons to ensure each ingredient is in its prime. We are a from scratch contemporary American kitchen with a rustic glam presentation. We try to source as locally as possible, using farms in the area.

Not only do we want to make your event memorable we also have a social mission. Giving back to the community by working with non for profits that support our community through urban farming, youth outreach, and career educations in our field. our own aspiration is to one day open an urban farm with an event space creating more opportunities to help our community.

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